Clearmanage had been an early adopter of cloud technology, starting from the days when cloud means the fluffy stuff you sees in the sky. We recognise early that the only way for smaller (and even larger) businesses to save cost, and improve efficient and security with technology adoption, is with mass customisation of traditional computing technology and evolution of new technology in compute, network, storage, security and mobility. We know that it will profoundly change the way computing resource are consumed and businesses are operated.

With this thought in mind, we set out to develop capabilities and technologies, collaborate with domain experts and industry leaders. We put together a suite of cloud services with the aim of helping our partner and customer leverage cloud technology for their business

Our early focus on cloud service for government pays off as well, with their early adoption of cloud and high standard set towards reliability and security. Resulting in a cloud practice with infrastructure, team and technology stack weighted heavily towards security and compliance.

We took these experiences and solutions, and we work with our partners, to bring cloud services into business of all size and verticals.

Awards and Certifications

Information Security Management Standard

ISO 27001 is a specification for an information security management system (ISMS). An ISMS is a framework of policies and procedures that includes all legal, physical and technical controls involved in an organisation’s information risk management processes.


UKAS Accredited – ISO 27001:2013


Multi-Tier Cloud Security Standard

The Multi-Tier Cloud Security (MTCS) Singapore Standard (SS) 584 is the world’s first cloud security standard that covers multiple tiers of cloud security. It can be adopted by Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to meet different cloud user needs for data sensitivity and business criticality.

The MTCS standard seeks to drive cloud adoption across industries by giving clarity around the security service levels of cloud providers, while also increasing the level of accountability and transparency from CSPs. Certification of the CSP is carried out by accredited third-party Certification Bodies.

IDA’s Cloud Service Provider Listing


SAC Accredited – SS 584 Multi Tier Cloud Security Tier 3 for IaaS


SAC Accredited – SS 584 Multi Tier Cloud Security Tier 1 for SaaS


Cloud Security Alliance

CSA STAR is the industry’s most powerful program for security assurance in the cloud. STAR encompasses key principles of transparency, rigorous auditing, harmonization of standards, with continuous monitoring also available in late 2015. STAR certification provides multiple benefits, including indications of best practices and validation of security posture of cloud offerings.

STAR Registry Information

CSA STAR Certification Logocsa_star_badge_290x230

CSA STAR Gold and Registered Solution Provider


More About us

Clearmanage is a subsidiary of CrimsonLogic, is a Singapore based cloud computing, managed hosting and IT service company, offering cloud infrastructure and storage services, hosting services and IT solutions as a service.

We are Microsoft SPLA hosting partner and offer Microsoft product on software service model, and we partner with various virtualization, cloud computing and other technology leaders that drives the entire backend of our infrastructure and services.

Clearmanage is a member the SiTF Green IT chapter, spearheading the Green CIO initiative, to bring across the benefit use of green IT, in particular virtualization and cloud service, in businesses.

We are regular participant at Gridasia/CloudAsia, organized by IDA Singapore and other events, where we showcase our service and give our take on current trends and development in the cloud computing world.

Clearmanage is also proud to be the regional organizer of the successful CloudCamp unconference series of event.


Clearmanage experience in server, desktop, storage and application virtualization technology, and our understanding of cloud computing, application and server management with a focus on bringing value to client’s business, allow us to deliver cloud computing and cloud based managed services, specifically developed to help our clients and partners make the best use of cloud computing technology for their business.