Clearmanage is Singapore first CSP to achieve the MTCS Tier 1 Standard

Singapore, 7 August, 2014 – Singapore-based cloud service provider (CSP) Clearmanage Pte Ltd has fulfilled stringent audit requirements for the new Multi-Tier Cloud Security Standard for Singapore (MTCS SS 584:2013). It is Singapore’s first CSP to achieve the MTCS SS 584:2013 Tier 1 standard.

Multi-Tier Cloud Security Standard (MTCS SS 584:2013) is the world’s first cloud security standard to help certified CSPs spell out the levels of security that they can offer to their users. Announced by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore on 13 Nov 2013, the  MTCS SS 584:2013 is an industry initiative that provides businesses with greater clarity on the security service levels provided by cloud computing providers. The standard also seeks to increase the level of accountability and transparency from such providers.

“Clearmanage is committed to providing high levels of security. We have invested heavily in infrastructure, technology and resources to ensure that all MTCS SS 584:2013 requirements are fulfilled beyond Tier 1 standard. All our processes and policies have been further enhanced to address the various stringent requirements of the standard and the growing security demands of the current industry landscape.” said Alex Ng, General Manager of Clearmanage. “Clients on our government and enterprise public cloud services can be assured that cloud hosting on our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model are reliable and secure.”

As more enterprise and government outfits adopt cloud computing for their businesses, a standardised approach such as the Multi-Tier Cloud Security Standard is crucial to assure businesses of the quality, security and reliability of cloud service provided by CSPs. Under the MTCS SS 584:2013, Clearmanage will disclose service-oriented information in service level agreements including data retention, data sovereignty, data portability, liability, availability, business continuity, disaster recovery, as well as incident and problem management.
About Clearmanage
Clearmanage is a subsidiary of Crimsonlogic, specialising in providing cloud services, cloud infrastructure and hosting, and advance security solution and services for government and enterprises. Clearmanage has also handled the technical delivery of the IDA T831 Grid Service and IDA T1050 Cloud Service bulk tenders, providing infrastructure, platform and software cloud services to government agencies for more than 4 years.


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