Clearmanage is now CSA STAR Certified

Singapore, 28 October, 2015 – Singapore-based cloud service provider (CSP) Clearmanage Pte Ltd has reached another milestone and attained Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)’s STAR certification. This makes Clearmanage the first CSP in the world to use IDA’s cross-certification guidelines to cross-certify between MTCS and CSA OCF.

This comes less than a year after they achieved both ISO 27001:2013 and Multi-Tier Cloud Security Standard for Singapore (MTCS SS 584:2013) Level 3 certification.

CSA STAR is the industry’s most powerful program for security assurance in the cloud. STAR encompasses key principles of transparency, rigorous auditing, harmonization of standards, with continuous monitoring. STAR certification provides multiple benefits, including indications of best practices and validation of security posture of cloud offerings.

MTCS SS is the world’s first cloud security standard which covers multiple tiers of cloud security. This enables CSPs to clearly and quickly list their security capabilities to meet differing cloud user needs with clear language, accountability and transparency. The IDA published cross-certification guidelines in 2015 which harmonized MTCS SS with CSA OCF.

“After attaining our Singapore standard for cloud security, we wanted to raise the bar further. We wanted to provide businesses operating in Singapore, around the region and government agencies with further assurance of our capability to provide secure cloud services. With this conviction, we decided to go for our CSA STAR certification and I am delighted to announce that we have achieve Gold level for our CSA STAR,” said Alex Ng, General Manager of Clearmanage.

Aloysius Cheang, Managing Director APAC, Cloud Security Alliance said, “CSA has been working with IDA to promote cloud service provider transparency and accountability to benefits end users for some time now. Harnessing the harmonisation feature created in MTCS, Singapore based companies like Clearmanage can finally provide a definitive benchmark against the international standard CSA STAR Certification, which is useful for end users that are looking for something that is recognised and transferable worldwide.”

Singapore is embarking on its Smart Nation initiative. Having a reliable, secure and verified cloud infrastructure will be key to the successful delivery of various Smart Nation initiatives. Clearmanage’s continuous improvement on their capability to deliver secure cloud service to government, enterprise and SMB users, will be able to meet different needs of various stakeholders.

Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore Assistant Chief Executive Khoong Hock Yun said, “We are heartened that IDA’s work in cross-certification of our Multi-Tier Cloud Security Singapore Standard with other international frameworks is starting to gain traction. This shows the strong yet easily portable capabilities of MTCS, important as Singapore builds a Smart Nation.”

About Clearmanage

Clearmanage is a subsidiary of Crimsonlogic, specialising in providing cloud services, cloud infrastructure and hosting, and advance security solution and services for government and enterprises. Clearmanage has also handled the technical delivery of the IDA T831 Grid Service, IDA T1050 and T1242 Cloud Service bulk tenders, providing infrastructure, platform and software cloud services to government agencies for more than 6 years.